In string theory, specifically in type IIA string theory, the brane intersection of a D2-brane with an O8-plane is called an E-string. The M-theory lift of this is the brane intersection of an M2-brane with an M9-brane which wraps the M-theory circle fiber, hence an M9 IM9_I-brane of Horava-Witten theory (KKLPV 14, p. 4/5).

graphics grabbed from KKLPV 14, p. 4

Hence under the S-duality between type I and heterotic string theory the E-string is dual to the heterotic string.

KK-compactification of M-theory


  • Joonho Kim, Seok Kim, Kimyeong Lee, Jaemo Park, Cumrun Vafa, Elliptic Genus of E-strings, JHEP 1709 (2017) 098 (arXiv:1411.2324)

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