Nahm's equation



Chern-Weil theory

Algebraic Quantum Field Theory

algebraic quantum field theory (perturbative, on curved spacetimes, homotopical)



field theory:

Lagrangian field theory


quantum mechanical system, quantum probability

free field quantization

gauge theories

interacting field quantization



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Local QFT

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In string theory

Transversal Dp-D(p+2)-brane intersections geometrically engineer Yang-Mills monopoles: their moduli space is the moduli space of monopoles/solutions of Nahm's equation

(Diaconescu 97, Hanany-Zaffaroni 99)



The original articles;

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Further discussion:

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See also

In terms of Coulomb branch singularities in SYM

In terms of Coulomb branch singularities on super Yang-Mills theories:

In term of Dp-D(p+2) brane intersections

On transversal Dp-D(p+2) brane intersections as Yang-Mills monopoles / fuzzy funnel-solutions to Nahm's equation:

For transversal D1-D3 brane intersections:

For transversal D2-D4-brane bound states (with an eye towards AdS/QCD):

  • Alexander Gorsky, Valentin Zakharov, Ariel Zhitnitsky, On Classification of QCD defects via holography, Phys. Rev. D79:106003, 2009 (arxiv:0902.1842)

For transversal D3-D5 brane intersections:

For transversal D6-D8 brane intersections (with an eye towards AdS/QCD):

  • Deog Ki Hong, Ki-Myeong Lee, Cheonsoo Park, Ho-Ung Yee, Section V of: Holographic Monopole Catalysis of Baryon Decay, JHEP 0808:018, 2008 (https:arXiv:0804.1326)

and as transversal D6-D8-brane bound states on a half NS5-brane in type I' string theory:

Lift to M-theory

The lift of Dp-D(p+2)-brane bound states in string theory to M2-M5-brane bound states/E-strings in M-theory, under duality between M-theory and type IIA string theory+T-duality, via generalization of Nahm's equation (this eventually motivated the BLG-model/ABJM model):

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