black ring



The Einstein equations for gravity in dimension 5\geq 5 admit black hole solutions whose event horizon is not homeomorphic to an n-sphere, but has different topology. In particular in 5d-gravity and 5d supergravity there are solutions with topology S 1×S 2S^1 \times S^2. These are called black rings.

Their KK-reduction down to 4 dimensions yields again ordinary black holes. This plays a central role in the discussion of black holes in string theory.


The first black ring solution in 5d gravity was found in

The first solution in 5d supergravity was given in

  • Henriette Elvang, Roberto Emparan, David Mateos, Harvey Reall, Supersymmetric 4D Rotating Black Holes from 5D Black Rings, JHEP0508:042,2005 (arXiv:hep-th/0504125)

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