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The graded subspace of Hochschild complex of an qassociative algebra consisting of invariant chains under certain actions of symmetric groups, is in fact a subcomplex, the cyclic subcomplex. Cyclic homology is Hochschild homology on cyclically invariant chains.

There are many versions (e.g. periodic cyclic homology) and generalities of the notion (e.g. for schemes, for algebras over cyclic operads). Topological cyclic homology? is an adaptation to ring spectra.

We may understand Hochschild homology as the cohomology of free loop space objects (as described there). These free loop space objects are canonically equipped with a circle group-action that rotates the loops. Cyclic homology is the corresponding S 1S^1-equivariant cohomology of free loop space objects.


The chain complex for cyclic homology

Let AA be an associative algebra over a ring kk. Write C (A,A)C_\bullet(A,A) for the Hochschild homology chain complex of AA with coefficients in AA.

For each nn \in \mathbb{N} let λ:C n(A,A)C n(A,A)\lambda : C_n(A,A) \to C_n(A,A) be the kk-linear map that cyclically permutes the elements and introduces a sign:

λ:(a 0,a 1,,a n1,a n)(1) n(a n,a 0,,a n1). \lambda : (a_0, a_1, \cdots, a_{n-1}, a_n) \mapsto (-1)^n (a_n, a_0 , \cdots, a_{n-1}) \,.

The cyclic homology complex C λ(A)C^\lambda_\bullet(A) of AA is the quotient of the Hochschild homology complex of AA by cyclic permutations:

C λ(A):=C (A,A)/im(Idλ). C_\bullet^\lambda(A) := C_\bullet(A,A)/im(Id-\lambda) \,.

The homology of the cyclic complex, denoted

HC n(A):=H n(C λ(A)) HC_n(A) := H_n( C_\bullet^\lambda(A) )

is called the cyclic homology of AA.

If IAI\subset A is an ideal, then the relative cyclic homology groups HC n(A,I)HC_n(A,I) are the homology groups of the complex C (A,I)=ker(C (A)C (A/I))C_\bullet(A,I) = ker(C_\bullet(A)\to C_\bullet(A/I)).

The complex for cyclic homology was considered by Alain Connes and Boris Tsygan around 1981, 1982.


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Quick lecture notes:

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