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Type II supergravity is a supergravity in dimension 10 which is the low-energy effective quantum field theory underlying type II string theory.



See the general references at supergravity.

Via KK-compactification from 11d supergravity:

  • M. Huq, M. A. Namazie, Kaluza-Klein Supergravity In Ten Dimensions, Class. Quantum Grav. 2 (1985) 293

Duality-symmetric formulation:

Solutions and BPS states

Disucssion of black hole solutions (see also at black holes in string theory) includes

Discussion of black branes and BPS states for type II supergravity includes

  • Andrew Callister, Douglas Smith, Topological BPS charges in 10 and 11-dimensional supergravity, Phys. Rev. D78:065042,2008 (arXiv:0712.3235)

  • Andrew Callister, Douglas Smith, Topological charges in SL(2,)SL(2,\mathbb{R}) covariant massive 11-dimensional and Type IIB SUGRA, Phys.Rev.D80:125035,2009 (arXiv:0907.3614)

  • Andrew Callister, Topological BPS charges in 10- and 11-dimensional supergravity, thesis 2010 (spire)

  • A. A. Golubtsova, V.D. Ivashchuk, BPS branes in 10 and 11 dimensional supergravity, talk at DIAS 2013 (pdf slides)

In terms of (exceptional) generalized complex geometry

A relation of the U-duality symmetry to generalized complex geometry is discussed in

  • André Coimbra, Charles Strickland-Constable, Daniel Waldram, Supergravity as Generalised Geometry I: Type II Theories (arXiv:1107.1733)

  • Paulo Pires Pacheco, Daniel Waldram, M-theory, exceptional generalised geometry and superpotentials (arXiv:0804.1362)

A thesis reviewing some aspects is

  • Nicholas Houston, Supergravity and Generalized Geometry Thesis (2010) (pdf)

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