nLab twisted tensor product


In 1959, Edgar Brown introduced a twisted tensor product to give an algebraic description of a fibration. The chain complex of a total space of a principal fibration is obtained as a small perturbation (at the level of a differential) of the chain complex of the trivial fibration (hence a tensor product). It is the analogue for differential algebra of the twisted cartesian product construction in the theory of simplicial fibre bundles.


Let CC be a dg-coalgebra, AA a dg-algebra, τ:CA\tau:C\to A the twisting cochain, LL a right CC-dg-comodule with coaction δ L:LLC\delta_L:L \to L\otimes C and MM a left AA-dg-module with action m M:MAAm_M:M\otimes A\to A. The twisted tensor product L τML\otimes_\tau M is the chain complex that coincides with the ordinary tensor product LML\otimes M as a graded module over the ground ring, and whose differential d τd_\tau is given by

d τ=d L1+1d M+(1m M)(1τ1)(δ L1). d_\tau = d_L\otimes 1 + 1\otimes d_M + (1\otimes m_M)\circ(1\otimes\tau\otimes 1)\circ(\delta_L\otimes 1).


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