nLab topological photonics




The field of topological photonics deals with electromagnetic phenomena (specifically the propagation of light in suitable materials) which mimic the behaviour of electrons in topological insulator materials.


Original proposal:

  • F. D. M. Haldane, S. Raghu, Possible realization of directional optical waveguides in photonic crystals with broken time-reversal symmetry, Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 100, no. 1, p. 013904, 2008 (doi:10.1103/physrevlett.100.013904)

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First realizations:

  • Z. Wang, Y. Chong, J. D. Joannopoulos, and M. Soljačić, Observation of unidirectional backscattering-immune topological electromagnetic states, Nature, vol. 461, no. 7265, pp. 772–775, 2009 (doi:10.1038/nature08293)

  • M. C. Rechtsman, J. M. Zeuner, Y. Plotnik, et al., Photonic Floquet topological insulators, Nature, vol. 496, no. 7444, pp. 196–200, 2013 (doi:10.1038/nature12066)


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