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In quantum computation, a quantum circuit diagram is a kind of string diagram in finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces, typically used to express a sequence of low-level quantum gates acting on a finite number of qbits.

At the time of writing (2021) most of the actual programming of experimental quantum computers is conceived through quantum circuit diagrams, while more high-level quantum programming languages are are awaiting the rise of more powerful quantum hardware.


Quantum circuit diagrams

Textbook accounts:

Lecture notes:

  • John Preskill, Classical and quantum circuits (pdf), Chapter 5 in: Quantum Computation, lecture notes (web)

  • Ryan O’Donnell, Introduction to the Quantum Circuit Model, 2015 (pdf)

See also:

Survey, examples, and implementations:

With an eye towards quantum complexity theory:

  • Richard Cleve, Section 1.2 in: An Introduction to Quantum Complexity Theory (pdf)

Quantum programming languages

On quantum programming languages (programming languages for quantum computation):


See also:

Surveys of existing languages:

  • Simon Gay, Quantum programming languages: Survey and bibliography, Mathematical Structures in Computer Science16(2006) (doi:10.1017/S0960129506005378, pdf)

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Quantum programming via quantum logic understood as linear type theory interpreted in symmetric monoidal categories:

The corresponding string diagrams are known in quantum computation as quantum circuit diagrams:

functional programming languages for quantum computation:





On classically controlled quantum computation:

Quantum programming via dependent linear type theory/indexed monoidal (∞,1)-categories:

specifically with Quipper:

On quantum software verification:

with Quipper:

  • Linda Anticoli, Carla Piazza, Leonardo Taglialegne, Paolo Zuliani, Towards Quantum Programs Verification: From Quipper Circuits to QPMC, In: Devitt S., Lanese I. (eds) Reversible Computation. RC 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 9720. Springer, Cham (doi:10.1007/978-3-319-40578-0_16)

with QWIRE:

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