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String theory

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In string theory, the term giant graviton refers to wrapped brane-configurations which behave like massless relativistic particles, notably gravitons.


In the BMN matrix model

The supersymmetric classical solutions of the BMN matrix model are configurations of fuzzy 2-spheres, corresponding to M2-brane-giant gravitons (BMN 02 (5.4), DSJVR 02).


The concept was introduced in

for branes in anti de Sitter spacetime times an n-sphere and generalized to other near horizon geometries in

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Further discussion:

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Specifically M2-M5 brane bound state giant gravitons are discussed in:

  • J. M. Camino, A. V. Ramallo, M-Theory Giant Gravitons with C field, Phys.Lett.B525:337-346, 2002 (arXiv:hep-th/0110096)

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