free simplicial abelian group


The free simplicial abelian group functor

Z[]:sSetsAb\mathbf{Z}[-]\colon sSet \to sAb

is given by the functor

sSet=Fun(Δ op,Set)Fun(Δ op,Ab)=sAb,sSet = Fun(\Delta^{op}, Set) \to Fun(\Delta^{op}, Ab) = sAb,

where the middle functor applies the free abelian group functor

Z[]:SetAb.\mathbf{Z}[-]\colon Set \to Ab.


Free simplicial abelian groups are the crucial ingredient of simplicial chains and simplicial cochains, and such also simplicial homology and simplicial cohomology?, in particular, singular homology and singular cohomology. See these articles for more information.

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