dual graviton




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A dual of the graviton under electric-magnetic duality (e.g. Curtright 85, Hull 01, Bekaert-Boulanger-Henneaux 02, Godazger-Godazger-Nicolai 13, section 2.2).

Dual gravitons have been considered in particular for manifestly EM-duality-symmetric formulations of supergravity Lagrangians. See for instance (de Wit-Nicolai 13, section 6) and see at 3-d supergravity – possible gaugings.

The spin-2 dual graviton is described by the Curtright field in five spacetime dimensions. Dual graviton can be coupled to topological BF-theory in D = 5 (Bizdadea 09), so it should be also coupled with gravity as a BF theory in extra dimensions D > 4.


The dual graviton was maybe first discussed in

then further in

Discussion in the context of E7-exceptional generalized geometry includes

  • Hadi Godazgar, Mahdi Godazgar, Hermann Nicolai, Generalised geometry from the ground up, Journal of High Energy Physics February 2014, 2014:75 (arXiv:1307.8295)

Double-dual graviton:

Discussion in terms of E11 U-duality is in

Coupling with topological BF-theory in

  • C. Bizdadea, E. M. Cioroianu, A. Danehkar, M. Iordache, S. O. Saliu, S. C. Sararu, Consistent interactions of dual linearized gravity in D=5: couplings with a topological BF model, The European Physical Journal C (Particles and Fields) October 2009, 63:491 (arXiv:0908.2169)

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