nLab cube

The -cube

The nn-cube


The nn-dimensional cube, or simply nn-cube, is a generalisation of the ordinary cube (or 33-cube) to arbitrary dimensions. It comes in many guises.

As a cubical set

The standard cubical nn-cube is the cubical set represented (as a presheaf) by the object [n][n] in the cube category.

As a topological space

The standard topological nn-cube is the space [0,1] n[0,1]^n, where [0,1][0,1] is the unit interval. The collection of topological cubes forms a topological cocubical set?.


Discussion of the 3-cube as a Platonic solid:

  • Felix Klein, chapter I.5 of Vorlesungen über das Ikosaeder und die Auflösung der Gleichungen vom fünften Grade, 1884, translated as Lectures on the Icosahedron and the Resolution of Equations of Degree Five by George Morrice 1888, online version

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