Sage (nowdays SageMath) is a particular free licence mathematics software package. It is interoperable with SINGULAR which comes in a standard package. It uses a version of python interface. It is possible to have a local installation, or use it via an account on the cloud installation (the latter is called the SageMathCloud).

  • sage notebook:
  • Sage at Azimuth Project
  • Gregg Musiker, Christian Stump, A compendium on the cluster algebra and quiver package, Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire 65, B65d, 2011, 67 pages link
  • SageMathCloud, see also Wikipedia
  • A. Casamayou, N. Cohen, G. Connan, T. Dumont, L. Fousse, F. Maltey, M. Meulien, M. Mezzarobba, C. Pernet, N. M. Thiéry, P. Zimmermann, Calcul mathématique avec Sage, pdf 468 pp. (2013) ISBN 9781481191043
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