Pilar Carrasco

Pilar Carrasco Carrasco is a Spanish mathematician and expert on homotopical and homological algebra, especially with regard to crossed modules and their higher dimensional analogues. In particular she is an expert on simplicial groups and their structure, and showed a version of the Dold-Kan correspondence between simplicial groups and hypercrossed complexes.

Her web page in the Departamento de Álgebra, at Granada is here.

Ph.D. thesis

  • Pilar Carrasco, 1987, Complejos Hipercruzados, Cohomologia y Extensiones, Ph.D. thesis, Universidad de Granada.

Selected publications

  • Pilar Carrasco and A. M. Cegarra, Group-theoretic Algebraic Models for Homotopy Types, J. Pure Appl. Alg., 75, (1991), 195 – 235.

  • P. Carrasco and T. Porter, Coproduct of 2-crossed modules. Applications to a definition of a tensor product for 2-crossed complexes, Collectanea Mathematica, (DOI) 10.1007/s13348-015-0156-9.

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