Northwestern TFT Conference 2009

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  • Northwestern University, Chicago: Topological Field Theories

  • Workshop: May 18-22, 2009

  • Conference: May 25-29, 2009

  • Organizers: Kevin Costello, Ezra Getzler, and Paul Goerss

  • website

Workshop lectures

In addition to the notes provided by Alex Hoffnung below, there are also notes being posted by Evan Jenkins and Gabriel C. Drummond-Cole:

David Ben-Zvi on Topological Field Theory, Loop Spaces, and Representation Theory

The above instant talk notes have been refined into typeset lecture notes:

  • Orit Davidovich, Alex Hoffnung, David Ben-Zvi, Workshop on TFTs at Northwestern

Jacob Lurie on Topological Quantum Field Theories

Bertrand Toën on Secondary K-theory

Orit Davidovich on Modular Tensor Categories

John Francis

Christoph Wockel

Gabriel Drummond-Cole

Can someone who has these notes or wants to write a summary put something here please?

Conference Talks

Julie Bergner

Kevin Costello

Chris Douglas

Liang Kong

Jacob Lurie

Further links

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