Myers effect




What is called the Myers effect (Myers 99) in string theory is the claimed phenomenon that given NN D0-branes in a constant background RR field F 4F_4 (the field strength associated with D2-brane charge) with, crucially, nonabelian effects included, then these D0-branes expand into a fuzzy 2-sphere which represents a spherical D0-D2 brane bound state of a D2-brane and NN D0-branes (Myers 99, section 6, see p. 22, Myers 03, section 4).

brane intersections/bound states/wrapped branes

S-duality\,bound states:



The effect now known as the “Myers effect” in D-brane theory was first described in:

Review includes

See also

  • Pedro J. Silva, Quantum Myers effect and its supergravity dual for D0/D4 systems (arXiv:hep-th/0109112)

  • Yoshifumi Hyakutake, Gravitational Dielectric Effect and Myers Effect, Phys.Rev.D71:046007,2005 (arXiv:hep-th/0401026)

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