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Max Karoubi is a French topologist, with main interests in algebraic and topological K-theory, cyclic (co)homology and noncommutative geometry à là Connes. He introduced the noncommutative differential forms to generalize the de Rham complex to noncommutative geometry.

Selected writings

Introducing what came to be known as Karoubi K-theory:

  • Max Karoubi, Espaces Classifiants en K-Théorie, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 147 1 (Jan., 1970) 75-115 [[doi:10.2307/1995218]]

On topological K-theory:

  • Max Karoubi, K-Theory – An introduction, Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften 226, Springer 1978 (pdf, doi:10.1007%2F978-3-540-79890-3)

  • Lectures on K-theory, Proc. of the Trieste Conference in 2002, Contemporary Developments in Algebraic K-theory, ICTP Lecture notes 15 (2003).

On cyclic homology, topological K-theory and differential K-theory:

On equivariant K-theory:

  • Max Karoubi, Equivariant K-theory of real vector spaces and real vector bundles, Topology and its Applications, 122, (2002) 531-456 (arXiv:math/0509497)

On Bott periodicity:

On algebraic topology and differential geometry:

  • Algebraic Topology via Differential Geometry (with Christian Leruste). Cambridge Univ. Press (1987), based on Méthodes de géométrie différentielle en topologie algébrique (1982, Paris 7)
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