Math-Phys-Cat is a Brazilian research group concerned with Mathematical-Physics, categorification and higher category theory and physics. We are mainly interested in mathematical aspects of classical and quantum field theories, especially those involving category theory and gauge theory, also in the axiomatization problem of astrophysics and in using category-theoretic language in order to unify and abstract concepts in classical algebra and in differential geometry.


  • Math-Phys-Cat Seminars, more devoted to graduate topics and research. External speakers are welcome. Recordings are in our Youtube Channel.
  • Student Seminars. These are weekly seminars presented by our students, typically to their advisors our to a small group of people interested in the topics.
  • General Seminars. Seminars on general topics in the interface between mathematics and physics. Used to encourage the interaction between our students and also to find potential new members.
  • Courses. Normally graduate courses and minicourses given by members of our group on our research topics.

Math-Phys-Cat Wiki

Recently we created the Math-Phys-Cat Wiki, serving two purposes:

  • share our research in the format we find most accessible and perhaps find new collaborations.
  • be a repository for reference lists on our research topics. Contributions are welcome.
category: people

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