Introduction to compact transformation groups


This entry colllects material related to the book

on topological G-spaces and their equivariant differential topology, equivariant homotopy theory and equivariant cohomology (Bredon cohomology).

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0 Background on Topological Groups and Lie Groups

1. Elementary properties of topological groups

2. The classical groups

3. Integration on compact groups

4. Characteristic functions on compact groups

5. Lie groups

6. The structure of compact Lie groups

I Transformation Groups

II General Theory of GG-Spaces

1. Fiber bundles

2. Associated bundles

3. Twisted products with a compact group

4. Tubes and slices

III Homological Theory of Finite Group Actions

IV Locally Smooth Actions on Manifolds

V Actions with Few Orbit Types

VI Smooth Actions

Chapter VII Cohomology Structure of Fixed Point Sets

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