Hermite-Einstein connection




The Hermitean Yang-Mills connection or Hermite-Einstein connection is a connection on a vector bundle on a complex vector bundle over a base space with almost complex structure and almost Hermitean structure such that its curvature 2-form is of Dolbeault-type (1,1)(1,1) and, finally, the contraction of the almost Hermitean structure with the curvature 2-form is proportional to the identity bundle endomorphism (see e.g. Popov 09 (2.5)).


Relation to (semi-)stable vector bundles

The Donaldson-Uhlenbeck-Yau theorem (Uhlenbeck-Yau 86) relates moduli of Hermite-Einstein connections over compact Kähler manifolds to (semi-)stable vector bundles.

The Kobayashi-Hitchin correspondence generalizes this to more general complex manifolds.


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