Dominic Verity

Dominic Verity

Selected writings

On enriched category theory and internal categories:

  • Enriched categories, internal categories and change of base Ph.D. thesis, Cambridge University (1992), reprinted as Reprints in Theory and Applications of Categories, No. 20 (2011) pp 1-266 (TAC)

On weak complicial sets:

  • D. R. Verity, 2005, Complicial Sets , available from : arXiv:math.CT/0410412.

  • D. Verity, 2006, Weak complicial sets I: basic homotopy theory , available from : arXiv:math/0604414.

  • D. R. Verity, 2006, Weak complicial sets. III. Enriched and internal quasi-category theory , (in preparation).

  • D. R. Verity, 2007, Weak complicial sets. II. Nerves of complicial Gray-categories , in Categories in algebra, geometry and mathematical physics , volume 431 of Contemp. Math., 441–467, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI.

On (∞,1)-category theory via the homotopy 2-category of (∞,1)-categories:

On (∞,1)-functors and (∞,1)-monads:

On the Yoneda lemma for (∞,1)-categories:

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