Antonio Cegarra

Antonio Martínez Cegarra is a Spanish mathematician, who is in the Departamento de Álgebra of the Universidad de Granada, Spain. He has published extensively in homotopical and homological algebra, and non-abelian cohomology. A (partial) list of his publications is here.


  • M. Bullejos, A. M. Cegarra and J. Duskin, On catn^n -groups and homotopy types , J. Pure

    Appl. Alg., 86, (1993), 135 – 154.

  • Pilar Carrasco and A. M. Cegarra, Group-theoretic Algebraic Models for Homotopy Types, J. Pure Appl. Alg., 75, (1991), 195 – 235.

  • Antonio Martínez Cegarra, Benjamın A. Heredia and Josué Remedios,

    Double groupoids and homotopy 2-types Appl. Categ. Struct. 20, No. 4, 323-378 (2012), see also arXiv:1003.3820.

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