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A division dagger 2-poset is a dagger 2-poset CC such that for every object A:Ob(C)A:Ob(C), B:Ob(C)B:Ob(C), and C:Ob(C)C:Ob(C) and morphisms f:Hom(A,B)f:Hom(A, B) and g:Hom(A,C)g:Hom(A, C) there is a morphism g/f:Hom(B,C)g/f:Hom(B, C) such that for every morphism h:Hom(B,C)h:Hom(B, C), (hg/f)(hg=f)(h \leq g/f) \iff (h \circ g = f).


The dagger 2-poset of sets and relations is a division dagger 2-poset.

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