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Welcome to the Homotopy Type Theory wiki! This wiki-site is for collaborative work on homotopy type theory. If you are new to these subjects, you may want to check out:

Some important pages on this wiki are:

Other important links:

  • A calendar of HoTT/UF events maintained at the UniMath github wiki
  • Events collects programs, slides, and other resources of homotopy type theory workshops, meetings, and other events.

Archived version of the now defunct UF-IAS wiki:

Some forums:

  • Homotopy Type Theory Google Group For current research.
  • HoTT Cafe Google Group “A place where non-experts can discuss homotopy type theory and related topics. Experts are welcome to join in of course!”
  • HoTT Zulip Chat “A friendly and relaxed place for online discussions about anything related to homotopy type theory. We discuss both formal and informal approaches, and we work with Coq, Agda, Cubical TT, and other systems.”
  • nForum

If you have any ideas for articles that you would like to see, let us know!

For now, this wiki works in parallel to the n-Lab. Links to the nlab HomePage can be made using the prefix nlab: . For example, the pages that explain how to edit this wiki are the ones for the n-Lab’s HowTo. This would have to change soon as the nLab has changed wiki software and is no longer using Instiki, while this wiki is still using Instiki.

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