Homotopy Type Theory
Univalent categories and the Rezk completion (Rev #1)

Univalent categories and the Rezk completion. Benedikt Ahrens, Chris Kapulkin, Michael Shulman, Math. Structures Comput. Sci. 25 (2015), no. 5, 1010?1039.


We develop category theory within Univalent Foundations, which is a foundational system for mathematics based on a homotopical interpretation of dependent type theory. In this system, we propose a definition of “category” for which equality and equivalence of categories agree. Such categories satisfy a version of the Univalence Axiom, saying that the type of isomorphisms between any two objects is equivalent to the identity type between these objects; we call them “saturated” or “univalent” categories. Moreover, we show that any category is weakly equivalent to a univalent one in a universal way. In homotopical and higher-categorical semantics, this construction corresponds to a truncated version of the Rezk completion for Segal spaces, and also to the stack completion of a prestack.

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