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Recall the notion of a unitary pre-tabular allegory. Bicategories of relations are equivalent, but this has yet to be shown rigorously, rigorously and published, as far as I’m aware.This PDF file makes precise the argument at bicategory of relations.

Let A\mathbf{A} be a unitary pre-tabular allegory.


If f:XAf \colon X \to A and g:XBg \colon X \to B are maps, then f,g=π 1 fπ 2 g\langle f, g \rangle = \pi_1^\circ f \cap \pi_2^\circ g


Let r=π 1 fπ 2 gr = \pi_1^\circ f \cap \pi_2^\circ g. Then π 1r=f\pi_1 r = f and π 2r=g\pi_2 r = g, by the modular law and the fact that projections tabulate top elements. So r=f,gr = \langle f, g \rangle if and only if it is a map.

rr =(π 1 fπ 2 g)(f π 1g π 2 ) π 1 ff π 1π 2 gg π 2 (distrib.) π 1 π 1π 2 π 2 =1 (proj'ns tabulate) \begin{aligned} r r^\circ & = (\pi_1^\circ f \cap \pi_2^\circ g)(f^\circ \pi_1 \cap g^\circ \pi_2^\circ) \\ & \leq \pi_1^\circ f f^\circ \pi_1 \cap \pi_2^\circ g g^\circ \pi_2 & \text{(distrib.)} \\ & \leq \pi_1^\circ \pi_1 \cap \pi_2^\circ \pi_2 \\ & = 1 & \text{(proj'ns tabulate)} \end{aligned}

For the unit inequality, we have

r r =(f π 1g π 2 )(π 1 fπ 2 g) =(f π 1g π 2 )π 1 f(f π 1g π 2 )π 2 g =(f g π 2 π 1)f(f π 1π 2 g )g (mod.) =f fg g (dist., proj. tab. top) 11 =1 \begin{aligned} r^\circ r & = (f^\circ \pi_1 \cap g^\circ \pi_2^\circ) (\pi_1^\circ f \cap \pi_2^\circ g) \\ & = (f^\circ \pi_1 \cap g^\circ \pi_2^\circ) \pi_1^\circ f \cap (f^\circ \pi_1 \cap g^\circ \pi_2^\circ) \pi_2^\circ g\\ & = (f^\circ \cap g^\circ \pi_2^\circ \pi_1) f \cap (f^\circ \pi_1 \pi_2^\circ \cap g^\circ) g & \text{(mod.)} \\ & = f^\circ f \cap g^\circ g & \text{(dist., proj. tab. top)}\\ & \geq 1 \cap 1 \\ & = 1 \end{aligned}

The second equality follows from distributivity (st)rsrtr(s \cap t) r \leq s r \cap t r, which is an equality because rr 1r r^\circ \leq 1.

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