tangent complex



For AA an ordinary associative algebra, its tangent complex is its module of derivations.

For AA a dg-algebra, its tangent complex is the essentially the value of the derived functor of the derivations-assigning functor on AA. This is closely related to the automorphism ∞-Lie algebra of AA.


The concept goes back to

  • M. Schlessinger, Jim Stasheff, The Lie algebra structure of tangent cohomology and deformation theory , J. Pure Appl. Algebra, 38(1985), 313–322.

The tangent complex of an algebra over an operad in chain complexes is discussed in section 8 of

See also

  • Jonathan Block, A. Lazarev, André-Quillen cohomology and rational homotopy of function spaces , Advances in mathematics, 193 (2005) (pdf)

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