constructive Gelfand duality theorem


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There is a statement and proof of Gelfand duality in constructive mathematics. This therefore makes sense in any topos.



A proof of Gelfand duality claimed to be constructive was given in.

  • Bernhard Banaschewski; Christopher J. Mulvey, A globalisation of the Gelfand duality theorem Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 137(1–3):62–103, 2006

This uses however Barr's theorem which requires itself non-constructive logic and requires the ambient topos to be a Grothendieck topos

A fully constructive proof is claimed in

  • Thierry Coquand, Bas Spitters, Constructive Gelfand duality for C *C^*-algebras , Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical society , Volume 147, Issue 02, September 2009, pp 323-337 (arXiv:0808.1518)

A review of some aspects of constructive Gelfand duality is in section 2 of

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