conformal group


A conformal transformation (conformal mapping) is a transformation of a space which preserves the angles between the curves. In other words, it preserves the angels infinitesimally. Conformal group of a space which has well defined notion of angles between the curves is the group of space automorphisms which are also conformal transformations.

Description in euclidean space

In euclidean n-space for n>2 a general conformal transformation is some composition of a translation, dilation, rotation and possibly an inversion with respect to a n1-sphere. For n=2, i.e. in a complex plane, this still holds for (the group of) global conformal transformations but one also has nontrivial local automorphisms. One has in fact infinite-dimensional family of local conformal transformations, which can be described by an arbitrary holomorphic or an antiholomorphic automorphism (in fact one writes z and z¯ as independent coordinates in the complexification 2 and restricts to the real part 2). This is important for CFT in 2d.

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