types of TT\toobjects of CC
function symbols of TT\tomorphisms of CC
relation symbols of TT\tosubobjects in CC
axioms of TT\tocontainments in CC
CE( res 10,1|32)(CE( 10,1|32)c 3,g 4,dc 3=g 4μ 4dg 4=0). CE\left( \mathbb{R}_{res}^{10,1\vert \mathbf{32}} \right) \coloneqq \left( CE\left( \mathbb{R}^{10,1\vert \mathbf{32}}\right)\otimes \left\langle c_3, g_4\right\rangle , {{d c_3 = g_4 - \mu_4} \atop {d g_4 = 0}} \right) \,.
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